Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is essential in this ever changing climate.

Our winter can now have 30 degree days, so too our summer has its cold days. We saw this year with the coldest summer in Sydney history - “that’s what I thought anyway”.

So we need to step in and give our gardens the proper landscape maintenance so we can put some order back into their growing cycle. We need to fertilise, top-dress, prune and hedge more than ever before, as our seasons now are becoming more and more unreliable.

When you finish a garden it can quickly go downhill without the proper landscaping maintenance.

All too often you drive past a newly finished landscaping job and say wow - but then 2 months later you go back past the same job and see that the weeds have returned, edges haven't been kept straight, dead fronds are clinging to trunks of trees.

Such a shame to see all that hard effort go to waste. So it is critical that we put as much thought into the landscaping maintenance of a garden as we do to the landscape construction of it.

Let ED maintenance step into your garden to help it look its best!

  • Our garden maintenance team leaders are qualified in the horticulture industry.
  • All staff if not fully qualified are going through the process of achieving full qualification, through years of experience and tertiary studies.
  • We only employ people with a passion for horticulture.
  • Your designated garden maintenance team will be the same each visit- so you get to know who is in your garden. And that team will get to know your garden inside out and its needs.
  • Your allotted time and frequency of visit can be tailored to your requirement- so if you want us there every Wednesday at 1 pm we will be there at that time.
  • We carry full OH&S policies and safe work method statements.
  • ED Landscapes holds Horticulture/Landscape liscences.
  • ED Landscapes holds all necessary insurances.
  • We use all the latest equipment and are constantly upgrading so our efficiency is second to none.
  • We offer consultation, design construction and maintenance so if you ever need further assistance in your garden we are there to provide all services.
  • We can provide you with quality tradesman for all you electrical, plumbing and pool care needs, with our special ED priority service. We have a list of people that you can trust. 
  • No job is out of our maintenance abilities.

Garden Maintenance and Care

For a garden to grow and thrive, professional garden maintenance is a necessity. The long term success of a garden can be insured by professional garden maintenance.

At ED maintenance we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your garden reaches its full potential - also giving you back your weekends.

We recommend that garden care is undertaken at least at the change of every season. When you service your car it runs better after a service, so too does your Sydney garden.

With scheduled maintenance visits and with the appropriate garden care, your garden will grow better, flower for longer and stay greener for longer.

Garden Maintenance Services:

  • prunning of trees
  • hedges
  • ornamental plants
  • lawn mowing and edges
  • fertilising
  • weeding
  • spraying for pests and deseases
  • sweeping/blowing of paths
  • cleaning out garden beds
  • drain cleaning
  • irrigation
  • soil works
  • planting
  • turfing
  • mulching

Extended Garden Maintenance Services:

  • gutter cleaning
  • pressure washing of paths, paving and driveways
  • top dressing
  • deck and all timber maintenance including sanding and oiling
  • irrigation repairs and installation
  • water feature repairs and maintenance
  • low voltage lighting design and installation
  • plant advice & supply
  • garden makeovers
  • general repairs to your existing garden
  • preparing properties for sale
  • general house hold rubbish removal