Company Profile

Les Edwards

Growing up I was always hands on, I loved to build. By my early teens I realised I wanted to be a landscaper, as my most enjoyable times where out in the back yard with mates or family. Kicking the footy or at a family BBQ. The backyard was where I found I was most relaxed, so I thought it only fitting I devote my life to helping others appreciate that same feeling.

As I progressed in my landscaping career to become a site foreman of a landscaping company, I realised how frequently management did not think each job through and how little was dedicated to planning. As a result jobs would often run over budget and be finished behind schedule. This lead to the client becoming stressed and anxious over a project that was meant to leave them feeling relaxed, exited and ready to unwind on a lazy Sunday in the garden.

I learnt that to truly enjoy your garden, it isn't just about how it looks but also how you got there. If the process of compiling quotes, amending prices, signing contracts and paying for your garden is stressful, then the garden becomes a reflection of that. This crucial detail gets lost in the frenzy.

So when we started ED Landscapes we made it our mission to provide a complete end to end service. This starts from our very first meeting right through to the bottle of wine we put on ice for you to enjoy when you come home on that final day.

My goal is to ensure that your garden is where you are most relaxed.